About us

The Modern Consortium for Refuelling Aircraft Co. Ltd. (MCRA) established in the year 1433H (2012G) upon a Joint Venture of Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) and Al-Shams National Global Energy Company (formerly Al-Bakri International Energy Company Limited (BECO)).

MCRA has a Technical Service Agreement with Kuwait Petroleum International Ltd.(Q8) Aviation, as Joint Inspection Group (JIG) guarantor member in order to obtain all technical support services.

MCRA is the first private company in Saudi Arabia, who is providing storage and into plane fueling of aviation fuel (Jet A-1) services at KFIA Dammam in accordance with the global guidelines related to quality control, safety, operation and maintenance. Also, in 2014 MCRA signed a contract with Ministry of Defense – Saudi Royal Land Forces to provide transportation and into plane fueling services at all its bases within the Kingdom.